New Building: Music department will see big changes

The new building will come with lots of new features. One of the biggest areas that the project will affect is the music department.

The three new rooms will all be in the same hallway. The rooms are currently scattered through the basement and first floor of the B building. The B building will feature an ensemble room, an instrumental room, a chorus room and an all new music theory lab.

Music rooms feature flat, accessible floors, high ceilings and open spaces. (Illustration: KCBA Architects)

The ensemble room will be used for smaller groups such as jazz band and string ensemble and the instrumental room will house the larger concert bands and orchestra.

“It will really work well for days that we have two rehearsals going on at once, like when we have pit [orchestra] and wind ensemble” music department chair Larry Detwiler said.

“I think that the chorus and band rooms need windows. It is hard to be creative when you feel like you’re in a box,” senior vocalist and flute player Natalie Holsey said.

The rooms will also have recording and sound capabilities so students can record themselves and listen back on how they sound.

“I am really excited for the new students to experience the new music department,” junior vocalist Paige DeGennaro said.

Detwiler is unsure of how the ninth graders coming up from the junior high will affect the current ensembles.


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