New Building: Art classes benefit from new building

New art classrooms feature more natural light and added space for students. (Illustration: KCBA Architects)

The new B building will improve many classrooms and other parts of the school.

One improvement that will be made is the art classrooms.

The classrooms will be located close together, forming a true art department.

The new art classrooms will have more room space and will have extra storage to supply the art necessities.

Art teachers Kathryn Close, Ronald Bowser and Eric Hoover will have more space to work whenever the new building opens.

All of the art teachers think the new building will make cleaning easier and there will be more space.

“First off the art rooms will have windows with natural light, have a central location to be closer to one another, have central storage locations and better ventilation for a spray booth and kiln room,” Bowser said.

“I would say overall there will be more space so the students won’t be back to back and I will have more sinks which can make class easier to clean up,” Close said.

A big improvement in the new classrooms will be having more storage.

The three teachers believe that the storage will improve since there will not be supplies stored on tables and countertops anymore.

Putting the supplies in the cabinets will help the appearance of the class.   

Both teachers will be able to do different projects with the added space.

“I will have more storage and space to store the large panels we paint on,” Close said.

“There will be no different projects but with getting ninth grade we may do more in depth art projects,” Bowser said.

Sophomores Amelia Gority and Madison Butterbaugh and juniors Darian McHenry and Chloe Orr take art classes this year.

Although they will not be here to utilize the new building when it opens, they have many opinions about the building itself.

“There will be more storage for even more supplies,” Butterbaugh said.

“Having more storage will allow for more organization and encourage students to return supplies to their original location,” McHenry said.

The students will be able to do or make projects that they could not before because of the additional space.

“An art project I would want to do is like a small mural on a wall,” Butterbaugh said.

“I would choose to do something that involves more than just drawings and paint but from scraps or random objects to show students’ creativity,” Orr said.

The current art students believe future art students will like the new classrooms since they will be larger with exceptional storage.

Gority and Butterbaugh believe that adding the extra space will help improve the class.

“When the new school opens I think the art rooms will be a lot bigger for more space to do the art,” Butterbaugh said.

“Whenever I do projects such as painting or just drawing in general, I stand up a lot when I draw, so having bigger classrooms would help students be able to have more room to work,” Gority said.

Gority believes it will be helpful since the projects would go under or above other projects that are sitting close to the person which could cause problems.

“I believe that most if not all students that enjoy art will love it. New and more supplies to choose from along with more general space is just what the art classes needed,” Orr said.

“Future art students will hopefully appreciate the careful planning and design of the new classrooms, having a place meant for creating allows for much more freedom,” McHenry said.

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