New Building: Child care curriculum options modern, convenient

The childcare classes will be located on the first floor of the new B-building.

The childcare classrooms will have easier access for parents of infant/toddlers; the rooms will be on the first floor. This location will have benefits over the current classrooms, which are in the basement.

The infant/toddler room helps parents be less stressed and it should encourage students to join the classes more.

“This will help students learn better because it has more space,” senior Mariah Butler said.

The childcare classroom is connected directly to the day care room. (Illustration: KCBA Architects)

Students can see all the hands-on of what the students do in the class. It can help the students be prepared for working with children when they get out of school.

“This will give me more experience and it will help me when I have my own kids if I have any,” sophomore Trinity Wilson said.

The classroom will help parents get to homeroom on time and they don’t have to struggle taking everything to the basement.

“It will help parents be less stressed and they don’t have to rush to drop off  their kid since the classrooms are going to be on the first floor of the B building,” junior Andrew Pellegrino said.

The pre-K classroom will be connected to the infant/toddler. More pre-K children may attend because the conveniences offered by the new building.

“I think having the childcare classroom on the first floor is a good idea because if there is an emergency the kids get out first,”  Wilson said.

“I think little kids will join the classroom more but it all depends on other people giving good reports,” Butler said.

The classroom is going to be good for the students who are learning about the theories and they can see the kids.

“I think students will have more opportunities to visually see the program and to be engaged with the children,” childcare classroom teacher Mary Beth Amy said.

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