New Building: School will drive city’s growth

New building features innovative spaces
Photo: KCBA Architects

After spending the whole school year voting and countless board meetings, a new high school will be built. A couple years ago, the idea of a new high school building was introduced. Despite the negativity from the community, the new high school is a good idea. The B Building shows its age with small classrooms, the old floors always creaking, and many other problems.

A major problem is the size of the classrooms. On average, there are 30 students in a class. Some of the classrooms in the B Building can hardly hold 15 students without feeling crowded. It is very hard to learn when many students feel uncomfortable in a crowded classroom.

The new high school will also help improve the city. Altoona is a growing city with many new restaurants, stores, and Downtown Altoona is also becoming a popular shopping spot again. The high school will help add to the improvement of downtown Altoona.

The new high school will also help grow Altoona’s population. Many people will want to move to Altoona due to the programs the new school will offer.

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