Author: Baylee Ruggles

New Building: School will drive city’s growth

After spending the whole school year voting and countless board meetings, a new high school will be built. A couple years ago, the idea of a new high school building was introduced. Despite the negativity from the community, the new high school is a good idea. The B Building shows its age with small classrooms,

Christmas celebration starts too early

The month of October is over which means the start of the the Holidays. When most people hear about the holidays, they think of Christmas. Many people skip over Thanksgiving and start to celebrate Christmas. Most stores start putting Christmas decorations out by the end of October before Halloween starts. Other stores will play Christmas

Amazon, the mall changes shopping atmosphere

Online shopping has increased in popularity each year. One of the most popular online stores is amazon. Amazon has nearly limitless items, with a special membership called Prime. Prime members can be introduced to many special deals, free returns and free two day shipping. But, is Amazon really better than shopping at the mall? Amazon is

Building Update: Architects create virtual reality tours

Last school year, plans to build a new high school was introduced.   There has been many meetings and discussions about the plans for the new high school.   The most obvious change to the building plans is the removal of a new auxiliary gym. However, a bridge connecting the junior high to the high school

Classroom food policy should be revised

Many students during the school day have food and drink on them. Students have food on them to eat breakfast before homeroom. Others will have food in their locker to eat during lunch. It has been an argument for years that we should be allowed to have food and drink in class. Students are allowed

Literary magazine on sale now

During the month of May, the school offers a literary magazine called Et Cetera. It is a student-run  magazine that has poems, short stories, essays, photographs, and art work. The magazine is being sold through Apr. 28. They cost $5 and can be ordered in English classes. The two top selling English classes will be

AASD needs to add spring break

Over the past few years, Altoona students have had a three-day week for spring break. We get Friday before Easter and Monday after Easter off ,but we always end up having a snow day on Easter Monday. These days off are considered spring break. It is actually just a long weekend. Colleges usually get a

Three win Rotary speech award

Six students from Altoona Area High School went to the Calvin House for a Rotary Speech Competition Mar. 6, 2017. The students have been practicing since January. There were three winners. The first place winner will advance to the regional competition. First place was awarded to junior Ethan Catcher. Junior Frankie Price took second place. In third

Annual student talent show scheduled

Every year, AAHS hosts a student talent show to let students have the opportunity to show their talents on stage in front of an audience. Auditions for this year’s talent show are Thur., Apr. 6 right after school in the high school auditorium. Students can sign up for auditions by seeing any music teachers or